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HP Photosmart D5460 Drivers Free Download

HP Photosmart D5460

The Hp Photosmart D5460 is no multifunction device, but it is a decent little printer-- absolutely among the best in its price range. It is suitable for residence usage and is an useful solution for amateur digital photographers wanting to print crisp pictures. Maximum resolution is 600x600dpi, and typical printing speed is 20ppm in draft method as well as 10ppm in regular method. The majority of 4x6" photos can be created in as rapid as 28 seconds. Nonetheless, small banding is an issue, and so are print roller track marks.

Excellent photo printing top quality is still one of the crucial marketing points for the HP Photosmart D5460, along with its rapid print speeds. Generated colour is very precise, making it a popular selection for digital photography lovers. The straight CD or DVD printing attributes is definitely helpful. Average customers will appreciate the going along with software, which gives basic design templates and also designs.

HP Photosmart D5460 Printer Full Software Driver for Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

OS compatibility & System Requirement:
Windows 8.1 / 32-bit - Windows 8.1 / 64-bit - Windows 8 / 32-bit - Windows 8 / 64-bit - Windows 7 / 32-bit - Windows 7 / 64-bit - Windows Vista / 32-bit - Windows Vista / 64-bit - Windows XP / 32-bit - Windows XP / 64-bit - Mac OS X v10.9 - Mac OS X v10.8 - Mac OS X v10.7 - Linux. 
HP Photosmart D5460 Driver Software Free Download:
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Released: 20 Oct 2009 Updated: 09 Feb 2016
File name: PS_SF_03_D5400_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140.exe, PS_SF_03_D5400_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_140_404-4.exe
Version: 13.1.0, 14.8.0
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Win 10 Driver – Download (142.32MB)
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Win 7 Driver – Download (142.32MB)
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit,64-bit), Microsoft Win 8 (32-bit,64-bit)
Released: 22 Aug 2014
File name: PS_SF_03_D5400_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_140_404-4.exe
Version: 14.8.0
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Win 8.1 Driver – Download (112.34MB)
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Win 8 Driver – Download (112.36MB)
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Vista(32-bit,64-bit), Microsoft Win Xp
Released: 16 Jun 2009
File name: PS_SF_03_D5400_NonNet_Full_Win_enu_120_227_NB.exe
Version: 12.0.1
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Vista Driver – Download (117.38MB)
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Win Xp Driver – Download (117.13MB)
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.3
Released: 1 Jun 2008
File name: HP_Installer_PSD5400_v9.7.1.dmg
Version: 9.7.1
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Mac 10.7 Driver – Download (109.4MB)
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Mac 10.6 Driver – Download (97.4MB)
  • HP Photosmart D5460 Mac Driver – Download (146.4MB)

HP Photosmart D5460 ink Cartridge and Toners

This ink Cartridge number HP 564(color), HP 564(black) using for HP Photosmart D5460 Printer.

How to install driver for Hp Photosmart D5460 Printer

To Setup Hp Photosmart D5460 for either Laptop or PC
  1. Keep in mind that Hp Photosmart D5460 will be compatible to your device if you pick one that is designed for the OS of your device. You try to do the opposite, congratulation, the software won’t work. In addition, you need worked link to store the software to your device.
  2. Find the stored software before you command the installation, right click when you find the software.
  3. Afterward, the installation will perform automatically. Obviously, it takes some time. Once its  done, you can use the printer to your heart’s content.
Deletion procedures for Hp Photosmart D5460
  1. Your first destination should be Control Panel.
  2. Pick the program you want to delete. However, since this is about Hp Photosmart D5460, then hit a program with the same name as the aforesaid, thus you can delete the program right away.
  3. The deletion process will take some time, but once its done follow the last instruction that pops on your screen.
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